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Aircraft Vehicle Design, Structures, Autonomous Systems  Propulsion Engineering  Manufacturing  Through-Life and Design  Online Learning Short Courses  Defence Acquisition  Counterterrorism  Military Air and Land Systems   Systems Analysis and Engineering  Underpinning Defence Disciplines  Systems Thinking

Aircraft Vehicle Design, Structures, Autonomous Systems

Online - Dynamics and Control of Multirotors - An Introduction
Introduction to Avionics
Sensor Fusion

Turbulence Modelling
Guidance and Navigation for UAS
Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Systems
Modelling and Simulation of Air Vehicles
Cloud Computing
Machine Learning for Computer Vision
General Purpose GPU Programming
Fundamentals of Aircraft Systems Identification 
Fundamentals of Aircraft Engine Control
Introduction to Avionics
Composite Material Structures
Airframe Systems Design
Introduction to Aircraft Stress Analysis
Aircraft Fatigue and Damage Tolerance
Design, Durability and Integrity of Composite Aircraft Structures
Successfully Fitting People and Robots Together
Intelligent Robotics
Introduction to Applied Flight Control
Autonomous Systems Inspection of Aerospace Structures using AI

Propulsion Engineering

Gas Turbine Technology for Operations and Maintenance Engineers
Rotor Dynamics
CFD An Introduction
Gas Turbine Appreciation
Mechanical Integrity of Gas Turbines
Combined Cycle Gas Turbines
Fundamentals of Aircraft Engine Control
Marine Propulsion Integration Technology
Gas Turbine Combustion
Propulsion System Performance and Integration

Manufacturing courses

Advanced Welding Processes
Composites Integration Repair and Joining
Corrosion Training Programme
Extreme Surface Engineering and Coatings
Finite Element Analysis and Materials Modelling
Functional Composite Materials
High Performance Composite Structures and Components Materials, Design and Manufacturing Techniques
Introduction to Composite Materials
Materials Selection
Modelling, Simulation and Monitoring of Composites Cure
Nanomaterials and Advanced Composites
Optical Materials and Thin Films
Simulations for Precision Manufacturing
Surface Engineering and Coatings
Sustainable Composite Manufacturing and Industrial Applications
Toughening of Polymer Resins
Ultra Precision Manufacturing and Metrology

Through-Life and Design Short Courses

Leadership and Change Management for Asset Management Professionals
Lean Product Development
Managing Assets and Value
Operational Availability and Risk

Online Learning Short Courses

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Defence Acquisition Short Courses

Logistics Modelling
Strategic Trade Controls and Compliance

Counterterrorism Short Courses

Applied Counterterrorism
Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution
Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Risk, Crisis and Resilience
Strategies, Ideologies and Tactics of Terrorism
Terrorism and Law
Terrorism Risk Management and Mitigation
Understanding Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Military Air and land systems Short Courses

Advanced Radar
Advance Sensor Data Processing
Aerial Warfare Engineering
Aircraft Survivability
Airworthiness of Military Aircraft
Ballistic & Cruise Missile Technology
CAD and CFD for Military Aeronautics
Fighting Vehicle Design
Fixed Wing Aeromechanics
Guided Weapons
Guided Weapons Control Theory
Gun Propellants
Military Aircraft Systems
Military Avionics
Military Electronic Warfare
Military Vehicle Dynamics
Military Propulsion
Military Vehicle Propulsion and Dynamics
Munitions and Target Response
Ordnance Design
Ordnance, Munitions & Explosives Safety (Awareness)
Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives : Intermediate
Propulsion Systems
Radar Electronic Warfare
Radar Principles
Rocket Motors and Propellants
Rotary Wing Aeromechanics
UAS Technology
Uninhabited Military Vehicle (UMVS) Systems
Vehicles Systems Integration
Weapon Systems Performance Assessment
Weapon Systems Technology - Introduction

Systems analysis and engineering Short Courses

Decision Analysis
Discrete & Continuous Simulation
Experimentation Analysis & Trials for Simulation
Foundations of Modelling & Simulation
Introduction to Defence Simulation
Introduction to Explosives Engineering
Networked & Distributed Simulation Exercise
Professional Wargaming Introduction
Programme and Project Management for Information Systems
Systems Thinking in Practice
War Gaming & Combat Modelling
Finite Element Methods in Engineering
Royal Engineers Force Protection Engineering

Underpinning defence disciplines Short Courses

Architecting Enterprises
Ballistic Impact and Protection
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Science
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Terrorism
Commercial Explosives
Communication Principles
Communications Systems
Communications Electronic Warfare
Complex Systems
Counter Improvised Explosive Devised Capability
Delivery Systems
Design for Vulnerability
Digital Business Strategy
Effective Solutions for Identification of Explosive Contamination
Electro-Optics & Infrared Systems Part 1
Electro-Optics & Infrared Systems Part 2
Environmental Awareness and Compliance in Defence 
Explosives and the Environment
Failure of Structural Materials
FinMilCap- Advanced
Incident Management
Informational Networks
Intelligent Systems
Introduction to Operational Research Techniques
Introduction to Shock and Impact
Legal, Ethical and Political Defence & Security Frameworks
Manufacture & Materials Properties of Explosives
Mass Fatality Incidents
Materials Engineering and Processing
Methods and Tools for Information Systems Development
Military Laser Safety
Military Operational Analysis Appreciation
Modelling & Simulation Acquisition Techniques
Modelling Simulation and Control
POEMS Practitioner
Real Time Graphics
Reliability and Systems Effectiveness
Requisite Variety for Organisations
Safety Assurance for EOE
Signal Processing, Statistics and Analysis
Simulation Employment Training
Software Engineering (IS)
Statistical Analysis and Trials
Synthetic Environmental and Virtual Simulation
Testing & Evaluation of Explosives
The Human Dimension

Systems thinking

Systems Architecture
Systems Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
Systems Practise
Systems Research Methods
Systems Thinking Development & Exploitation
Systems Thinking for Social Change
Philosophy and Theory of Systems Thinking

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