By choosing to sponsor our students’ projects you are commissioning a graduate to conduct research for your organisation under the supervision of a global expert in the field, with access to the latest technology and facilities in our areas of expertise.

Individual course projects provide mutual benefit to business and student. Typically, a student working at Masters level undertakes a project on a task relevant to business that can be tailored to meet a challenge you face. PhD students conduct individual research projects in an area that has an element of new, unique learning.

You not only benefit from a high calibre student or graduate to work in a research area of strategic importance to you as a sponsor but a talent pipeline for your business and applied work experience for our students.

Contact the Business Engagement team to discuss your project. There are part-funded opportunities available, see access funding for more information.

Master's Projects - Individuals

Sponsored master’s projects are tailored to deliver to your business needs. You will have a master’s student working to resolve your business challenge full-time over four months for their thesis. Our student can be based either on campus or at your location according to the requirements of the project. Timing varies, but students tend to commence work on the project in May and deliver in the first week of September.

Master’s projects cost in the range of £3,500-£6,000 for four months

Master's Projects - Groups

By sponsoring a group project you will benefit from a group of master’s students, with different skills sets, researching different aspects of a larger problem. These are usually assigned between October and May. Group projects are one of Cranfield’s strengths, enabling our graduates to experience working together across disciplines in a business context.

Group projects in the range of £7,000-£15,000 for four months

Master’s by Research

If you have a longer project, or set of projects that you cannot resource internally, you could sponsor a full master’s course. For approximately £35,000, our student would deliver to your requirements over the course of the year. Costs and project scope are discussed on a project-by-project basis.

PhD project

If you have a problem or issue that needs solving, that is related to one of our fields of study, you could sponsor a PhD research project.

A graduate is tasked with investigating the problem, in order to earn their qualification. Projects typically last three years. Costs and project scope are discussed on an individual basis, and include senior academic supervision and use of Cranfield University facilities.

A PhD projects cost in the range of £35,000 per year for three-four years