This course identifies the senior management and leadership challenges and opportunities facing those responsible for the implementation of Financial Military Capability Management.

Adopting a systems approach and building on existing knowledge and experience, this interactive course uses case studies, individual exercises, group activities and presentations from both the Defence Academy and current FinMilCap practitioners to develop a framework for the analysis; design and implementation of performance improvement across the processes, structures and interfaces that underpin Financial Military Capability Management.

At a glance

Course structure

Online delivery

What you will learn

The aim of the FinMilCap (Advanced) course is to inform and prepare leaders and key managers within the FinMilCap environment with the detailed process knowledge and higher level thinking skills necessary to perform their roles.

By the end of the course its membership will have acquired the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the analysis, management, design and implementation of performance improvement across the various activities that underpin Financial and Military Capability Management.

Core content

Introduction and Course Overview. Including a discussion-driven examination of:

  • The case for Change in the Fin/Mil Cap environment
  • Key principles behind Defence Reform and their application in the development of models and approaches
  • The behavioural and cultural dimensions of organisational changes and their influence on the successful implementation of Financial Military Capability management.

Strategic Context. An investigation of:

  • The effect of strategy, policy, national and international issues on Financial Military Capability Management
  • Financial Military Capability Management as the contextual setting for Defence Acquisition.

Planning Processes. A practical analysis of:

  • The Strategic Force Development Process
  • The relationship between Financial and Defence Planning assumptions
  • The mapping of Outputbased requirements to Strategic Objectives
  • Command Level Planning
  • Capability Coherence
  • Implications and practicalities of Lead Service arrangements
  • Role of UKStratCom
  • The management of interfaces and dependencies required to achieve the Strategic Requirement.

Managing. An exercise based evaluation of:  

  • Operating framework for delegated Capability Management
  • Fin/Mil Cap Management between SDSR resets
  • Annual Budget Cycles
  • Performance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Holding to Account
  • The Implications of strategic Changes within key enabling services (in particular DE&S/DIO).

Who should attend

This course is suitable for personnel from Front Line Commands; Head Office (DCDS (MilCap) and DG Fin); DE&S; Dstl and other personnel (including Industry) who will be carrying out FinMilCap/Capability and Acquisition leadership roles and responsibilities in their respective Organisations.



A limited number of MOD sponsored places are available.

How to apply

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