Head of Institute

Professor Peter Jarvis - Professor of Water Science and Technology - p.jarvis@cranfield.ac.uk

Our people

Dr Luca Alibardi - Lecturer in Separation Process
Dr Yadira Bajon-Fernandez - Senior Lecturer in Bioresources Science and Engineering
Dr Pablo Campo-Moreno - Senior Lecturer in Applied Chemistry
Dr Irene Carra – Lecturer in Chemical Processes
Dr Emma Goslan - Lecturer in Water Chemistry
Dr Francis Hassard - Senior Lecturer in Public Health Microbiology
Professor Bruce Jefferson - Professor of Water Engineering
Dr Kristell Le Corre - Academic Fellow in Water Reuse
Professor Ewan McAdam - Professor of Membrane Science and Technology
Dr Marc Pidou - Senior Lecturer in Resource Recovery 
Professor Simon Pollard - Professor of Environmental Risk Management - Project Consultant
Dr Heather Smith - Senior Lecturer in Water Governance
Professor Ana Soares - Professor of  Biological Engineering
Professor Tom Stephenson – Professor of Water Sciences
Dr Suniti Singh - Research Fellow in Drinking Water Microbiology
Dr Hacer Sakar - Research Fellow in Green Technologies for Resource Recovery

CWSI team