Head of Institute

Professor Paul Jeffrey - Professor of Water Management - p.j.jeffrey@cranfield.ac.uk

Our people

Dr Luca Alibardi - Research Fellow 
Dr Yadira Bajon-Fernandez - Research Fellow in Chemical Engineering - Severn Trent Partnership
Professor Frederic Coulon - Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology
Dr Gabriela Dotro - Senior Research Fellow in Environmental Engineering
Dr Emma Goslan - Lecturer in Water Chemistry
Dr Robert Grabowski - Lecturer in Catchment Science
Zoe Griffiths - Science and Technology Impact Officer
Dr Francis Hassard - Lecturer in Public Health Microbiology
Dr Mehrez Hermassi - Research Fellow in Membrane Crystallisation
Professor Tim Hess - Professor of Water and Food Systems
Professor Ian Holman - Professor of Integrated Land and Water Management
Dr Paul Hutchings - Lecturer in WASH Impact Evaluation
Professor Peter Jarvis - Water Science & Technology
Professor Bruce Jefferson - Water Engineering
Professor Jerry Knox - Agricultural Water Management
Dr Kristell Le Corre - Academic Fellow in Water Reuse
Dr Jitka MacAdam - Research Fellow in Chemical Processes
Dr Ewan McAdam - Reader in Process Engineering
Dr Andrea Momblanch - Research Fellow in Water Resource Systems Modelling
Dr Zaheer Nasar - Research Fellow in Bioaerosol Science
Dr Pablo Campo-Moreno - Lecturer in Applied Chemistry
Dr Lamprini Papadimitriou - Research Fellow in Climate Change Adaptation
Dr Alison Parker - Lecturer in International Water and Sanitation
Dr Marc Pidou - Lecturer in Resource Recovery 
Dr Kristin Ravndal - Research Fellow in Sanitation System Technology
Dr Dolores Rey Vicario - Lecturer in Water Policy and Economics
Dr Gloria Salmoral Portillo -Research Fellow in Agricultural Drought Risk Management
Dr Heather Smith - Lecturer in Water Governance
Dr Ana Soares - Senior Lecturer in Biological Engineering
Chrysoula Sfynia - Research Fellow in Drinking Water Science
Dr Chloe Sutcliffe - Research Fellow in Water and Food System Resilience
Dr Anju Toolaram - Research Fellow in Water Engineering for Developing Countries
Professor Sean Tyrrel - Director of Education for School of Water, Energy and Environment
Dr Raffaella Villa - Reader in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Emeritus professor Keith Weatherhead - Professor of Water Resources & Climate Adaptation
Dr Rachel Whitton - Research Fellow in Applied Biology

CWSI photo
CWSI team