Our lives and livelihoods are dependent on the natural and engineered water cycles. Accordingly, research and skills development in water treatment and management have never been more vital. Cranfield’s research in these areas is applied and industry focused, and we have been driving innovation for over 40 years. Read more Read less

We are recognised internationally for our work in the science, engineering and management of water. Our expertise is award-winning and our innovations are making water services and natural water bodies more resilient and sustainable. Our people have wide ranging expertise, with particular specialisms in water and wastewater treatment, water and sanitation in the developing world, water for agriculture and catchment management, as well as the human and governance aspects of water services.

Our research for low-income countries has improved the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable people by helping them to manage precious water supplies and improve sanitary conditions. Our teaching incorporates the latest developments in community water and sanitation, water and wastewater engineering and environmental water management. Our graduates are equipped to shape the future of water management and use across the globe.

We collaborate with a global network, meaning our activities have wide influence and impact. We are delivering new technologies and techniques, shaping policies and decision making. We believe our applied and interdisciplinary approach is the only way to study the complexity of natural and engineered water systems. We are tackling the issues raised by pollutants in water supplies, delivery and infrastructure challenges for a growing world population, and applying the latest technology to meet current and future needs.