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Areas of expertise

  • Carbon, Climate and Risk
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Environment and Health
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Oil and Gas
  • Waste Management and Resource Efficiency
  • Water Science and Engineering


Imma joined Cranfield University in 2017. She completed her BEng in Civil/Environmental Engineering and MSc in Environmental Engineering in Italy at Second University of Naples (SUN). She holds a PhD in Marine Science and Engineering with thesis examining the efficiency of sediment capping techniques for contaminated sediments, via numerical simulations.

Both before and after her PhD, Imma worked at SUN as researcher, where she was involved in a wide range of projects. These included modelling subsurface flow and transport processes and their associated environmental impact, water quality restoration, environmental risk assessment of contaminated lands, and modelling pollutant dispersion in the atmosphere by using commercial models. She also lectured for the Advanced Master in Analysis, Reclamation and Remediation techniques of contaminated sites.

In 2014, she worked as postgraduate researcher at Imperial College London, in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering, on tracer transport modelling into multi-layered systems to evaluate the effect of compartmentalization in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Prior to this post, Imma worked as Research Fellowship in Waste Water Engineering at London South Bank University (LSBU), on project aimed at applying numerical methods for multi-phase flows into fractured rocks. At LSBU, she also lectured both for the BSc and BEng degree courses in Civil Engineering, and for the BEng degree course in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering.

Research opportunities

PhD applications and invitations to collaborations are welcome.

Current activities

Imma has significant experience in computational analysis and data integration of heterogeneous and complex datasets. Her main area of expertise surrounds fluid flow modelling and environmental engineering.

Her research focuses on analysing and modelling subsurface flow and the physical and reactive processes governing the fate and transport of pollutant in the environment and their associated environmental impact. This has a wide variety of applications in both enhanced reservoir recovery and environmental applications.

Particular areas of interest are

- Subsurface single and multiphase flow modelling

- Wastewater treatment modelling

- Environmental remediation

- Contaminated sediment transport modelling and treatment

- Environmental impact of Oil and Gas/Geothermal/industrial plants

- Air pollution

- Waste treatment and management.


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

European Community - H2020 programme

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)


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