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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr Irene Carra has been working at Cranfield since 2014. Having completed her MSc and BSc in Chemical Engineering (2005-2010), she obtained a PhD in Advanced Oxidation Processes (2011-1014) from the University of Almeria (Spain). From March 2017 to March 2020 she undertook a placement with Anglian Water’s Innovation Discovery team, leading research on advanced water treatment. 

Research opportunity

Investigation of UV advanced oxidation processes using light-emitting diodes for water treatment PhD: 

Current activities

Irene’s current research interests focus on advanced treatment for the removal of pollutants from water sources. She is currently leading research on:

  • Advanced Oxidation Processes for the removal of micropollutants
  • Fate and by-products formed during the oxidation of organic micropollutants
  • The Water Treatment Works of the Future: advanced technologies to re-shape the treatment flowsheet of surface waters
  • Ion Exchange for the removal of organic matter
  • Point of Use and Point of Entry water treatment
  • Resilient water treatment


Anglian Water

Typhon Treatment Systems

Thames Water

Arrow Consultancy


Drinking Water Inspectorate


Articles In Journals


  • Carra I, Sanchez Perez JA, Malato S, Aguera A & Casas Lopez JL (2015) Application of the photo-Fenton process for the removal of persistent pollutants: operation parameters. CIEMAT, ed. 978-84-7834-733-9.