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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Having completed her MSc in Chemical Engineering (2005-2010), Irene obtained a PhD in Advanced Oxidation Processes (2011-2014) from the University of Almeria (Spain). She then became a Research Fellow (2014-2017) at Cranfield. In 2017 and for three years, she undertook a placement with Anglian Water's Innovation Discovery team, leading a research programme on advanced water treatment. In 2019 and after finishing her Industry placement, she became Lecturer in Chemical Processes at Cranfield, where she continues her research on advanced treatment in collaboration with Anglian Water and other partners from the Water Industry.

Current activities

Irene's current research interests focus on advanced treatment for the removal of pollutants from water sources. She is currently leading research on:

Advanced Oxidation Processes for the removal of micropollutants

Fate and by-products formed during the oxidation of organic micropollutants

The Water Treatment Works of the Future: advanced technologies to re-shape the treatment flowsheet of surface waters

Ion Exchange for the removal of organic matter

Point of Use and Point of Entry water treatment

Resilient water treatment


Anglian Water

Typhon Treatment Systems

Thames Water

Arrow Consultancy


Drinking Water Inspectorate


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