The ninth Sustainable Development Goal is to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.

2021 progress report

Evidence provided for the Times Higher Impact Ranking included reporting the number of spin-off companies and the size of our research in STEM subjects and business.

Our Research and Innovation Office (RIO) supports researchers in working together to achieve excellence with impact in delivering the University’s vision for research and innovation. RIO works closely with the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship to support businesses, delivering, for example, start-up-weekend, venture day, speaker series, pitch competitions and support for new, aspiring entrepreneurs through to small companies wanting to scale up. The Bettany Centre offers several scholarship programmes, including one for Northamptonshire focusing on the journey to Net Zero.

Our active alumni community supports the next generation of entrepreneurs through the Cranfield 50 network.

In 2021 we continued to support businesses through our Eagle Lab partnership with Barclays and AVIATE+, part of a new UK Aviation Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship cluster.

The Innovative Mast for Greener Electrification (IMAGE) project, funded as part of the Government’s £9 million support for First of a Kind railway innovation, aims to reduce the financial costs and energy used in production and installation of rail masts for electrification. The built-in sensors will also provide data directly to infrastructure owners, enabling maintenance to be better targeted and reducing the need for line-side manual checks.

Courses/modules relating to the goal

Advanced Air Mobility Systems MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
Advanced Digital Energy Systems MSc
Advanced Heat Engineering MSc
Advanced Lightweight and Composite Structures MSc
Advanced Materials MSc
Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc
Advanced Motorsport Mechatronics MSc
Aerospace Dynamics with options in Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics MSc
Aerospace Manufacturing MSc
Aerospace Materials MSc
Aerospace Vehicle Design MSc
Air Transport Management Executive MSc
Air Transport Management MSc
Aircraft Engineering MSc (Engineering and Manufacturing streams)
Airport Planning and Management MSc
Airworthiness MSc
Astronautics and Space Engineering MSc
Automotive Engineering MSc
Automotive Mechatronics MSc
Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control MSc
Aviation Digial Technology Management MSc
Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering MSc
Computational Fluid Dynamics MSc
Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering MSc
Cyber-Secure Manufacturing MSc
Design Thinking MDes
Engineering and Management of Manufacturing Systems MSc
Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
Executive MBA 
Global Product Development & Management MSc
Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc
Management and Corporate Sustainability MSc
Management and Information Systems MSc
Management and Leadership MSc
Management MSc
Manufacturing Technology and Management MSc
Metal Additive Manufacturing MSc
Procurement and Supply Chain Management MSc
Renewable Energy MSc
Robotics MSc
Sustainability MSc
Thermal Power and Propulsion MSc
Through-life System Sustainment MSc
Water and Wastewater Engineering MSc
Welding Engineering MSc