It is the defining battle of our generation and the next. Whilst Climate Change and terms like ‘climate crisis’ are nothing new, our fight for the planet is in a crucial phase, and it’s important that everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and efforts are considered.

That is why Cranfield University is delighted to be hosting our second annual Climate Hackathon in collaboration with NatWest!

16 March 2022 | On campus
22 – 25 March 2022 | Online 

About the NatWest Climate Hackathon

Calling on material from the NatWest’s Business Builder programme, this interactive event will deal with real-world climate challenges to enable you, in teams, to create, develop and pitch viable business solutions to these challenges. Not only will you be working at the coalface of climate innovation, you will also go through key entrepreneurial skills like business modelling, pitching, team building, and leadership.

The climate innovation space is beginning to explode – it is an exciting and challenging space to be working in! To make things exciting and simulate the ecosystem, your teams will compete with one another to be crowned the team behind the most sustainable, impactful, and implementable solution.

The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship will provide the opportunity to win up to £1,500 prize money to the top team or teams, to support their business development. Winners will also receive a golden ticket to NatWest Accelerator programme to work on their business idea further.

By participating in the event, you will learn:

  • How to effectively construct creative, realistic solutions to complex problems
  • How to create robust, validated, customer-led business models
  • How to commercialise new innovations and take them to market
  • How to construct, write and deliver a great 60-second pitch

Who’s it for?

Registration for this event is free and open to all Cranfield students passionate about the planet.

Event outline

Please find the key dates for this event below.

Date   Time   Location    Purpose 
16 March   2-3pm   The Gallery, CMRI   Introductions & meet your team
22 March   1-4pm   Online   NatWest Training Part 1
23 March   1-4pm   Online   NatWest Training Part 2
24 March      
  Team: Pitch Development
25 March   1-2pm   Online   Results!


Registration now closed.