Cranfield University is a world-leading centre of excellence in entrepreneurship teaching, research and practice. Specialising in technology and management, a strong culture of innovation runs throughout the University as well as translating ideas in to real outcomes and practical solutions. The Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship within the School of Management serves as the hub for entrepreneurial activity across the University and has a significant impact through its internationally recognised research, innovative MBA and MSc teaching and executive development. The Bettany Centre works closely with the Research and Innovation Office to get students and faculty to consider commercialisation of their technologies and to assist with personal ideas too for new venture creation. In this context we continue to build on Venture Day and have introduced StartUp weekends and a Cranfield Venture Programme that has a reach right across the University.

With the new direction of Unlocking the entrepreneurial potential at Cranfield and in tandem with the 50th Anniversary of the School of Management, The Cranfield 50 has been established to create a prestigious network of entrepreneurs within our community of alumni and friends.