Cranfield University has announced the first six successful applicants to its Green Future Investments Ltd (GFIL) Technology Accelerator Fund, a programme designed to support technical and prototype developments of innovative technologies that address climate change challenges.

The funding is made possible as a result of a donation from Green Future Investments Ltd, an organisation established to drive climate change initiatives by promoting technological innovation.

Professor Chris Fogwill, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the School of Water, Energy and Environment at Cranfield University, said: "We are proud to support these innovative projects that aim to tackle climate change and achieve net zero goals. The GFIL Technology Accelerator Fund is an excellent example of how Cranfield University can support the next generation of innovators committed to creating a sustainable planet."

The six successful projects are:

  • Lambda Energy: looking to increase crop yields by utilising greenhouses coated with sunlight changing films.
  • SAGES London: exploring how natural, food-waste derived dyes can be refined to produce dyes that are more vibrant and have commercial uses in other industries. 
  • Bluemethane: a project focused on optimising technology to capture methane from water and create a new source of bioenergy.
  • ManholeMetrics: developing low-cost long-life sensors that can be mounted to the underside of manhole covers to give real-time flood warnings and enable flood prediction.
  • TaiSan Motors Ltd: next generation battery pack for electric vehicles (EVs).
  • Nium: using patent-pending nanotechnology to make green ammonia without direct CO2 emissions.

The successful applicants will receive four months of technical and business support from Cranfield University to help them accelerate their projects and bring their ideas to market.

Professor Fogwill added: "Through this initiative, we are harnessing the power of regional, national and international collaborations to make a real impact on our world.”

GFIL’s focus is on innovative and technological organisations or projects that seek to tackle the challenges arising from climate change. Partnering with Cranfield University in a multi-faceted programme, GFIL has made a £3 million donation which will support students, staff, alumni and research projects focused on sustainability and green initiatives.

You can find out more information about GFIL or apply for other funds, including the Future Frontiers Fund, on our GFIL web pages.