The Strategy Group conducts and applies world-leading research on strategic processes, practices, and capabilities in a wide range of organizational settings. This encompasses strategic thinking, strategic decision making, and strategic change at the organizational, group, and individual levels.

Strategy is concerned with making fundamental choices about organizations – their structure, position in the environment, and future direction. Recognising the complex nature of the social world, we view strategic management as “enabled emergence”. Our research aims to help organizational strategists make effective choices in the world they cannot control.

We create knowledge that is at the forefront of modern scholarship and of direct relevance to management practice. We focus on the following research areas:

  • Creating and capturing economic value in a complex world
  • The role of strategic intent in complex social systems
  • Understanding strategic change and inertia in dynamic environments
  • Microfoundations of organizational decision making and action
  • Emergent organizational configurations
  • Strategy/Finance interface, including corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, and transfer pricing

In our engagement with organizations and strategy practitioners, our approach is to develop organizational, group and individual strategic capabilities through the application of original models and frameworks. Our teaching and workshops enable practitioners to form deeper insights into the value processes they are responsible for, which helps them to craft appropriate change initiatives for their specific organizational contexts.