The Strategy Group focuses on the development of strategic capabilities in individuals, groups and organisations. Read more Read less

Strategy is concerned with the long term direction of organisations. We view strategy as “enabled emergence”, recognising the complex nature of the social world. Our approach is to develop organisational, group and individual strategic capabilities through the application of bespoke frameworks. We are known for building capability in understanding and intervening in the processes of value creation and value capture. We will enable executives to form deeper insights into the value processes they are responsible for, which will help them to craft appropriate change initiatives for their specific organisational context.

We develop knowledge that is of direct relevance to executives. We focus on the following research areas:

  • Creating value in a complex world
  • The role of strategic intent in complex social systems
  • Value creation through network orchestration
  • Microfoundations of decision making capabilities
  • Strategic entrepreneurship in emerging markets
  • Linking individual and organisational resilience
  • Emergent organisational configurations
  • Creating value from non-market strategies
  • Organisational values and strategy
  • Strategy as learning
  • The processes of value creation and capture in corporate acquisitions
  • Meso-level strategy: creating and capturing value from portfolios of products, markets and capabilities