Leaders in business and government use Cranfield Executive Development for critical thinking, contemporary education and organisation improvement

Since our inception in 1946, Cranfield has been committed to unlocking the potential of people and organisations by working with business leaders and their management teams to overcome industry specific challenges.

We have pioneered innovations, solutions and new standards in how leaders, managers and their teams overcome challenges. Our success has transformed many global organisations and had a positive impact throughout the world.

Up-to-the-minute insights

Embedded within a totally postgraduate university that has been creating leaders in technology and management for over 70 years. We give you access to a network of multi-disciplinary thought leaders, key influencers and industry experts.

Every client is a unique partner

Every client is regarded as a unique partner using our expertise in consultancy, diagnostics, assessments, and executive development to fully understand their own specific context and unique challenges.

Design for Impact™ approach

Our approach is to start with the end in mind. We use our Design for Impact™ approach methodologies to surface opportunities. This enables us to determine, with you, the right combination of intervention, research, education and specialist expertise needed to design, build and deliver a solution that is right for you.

Widen your network and build momentum for your transformation

Cranfield clients gain access to our international industry network; building fruitful relationships with key players. Bringing Cranfield expertise into your organisation is a powerful way to build momentum for your business transformations, for resolving your organisational challenges.

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Mark Threlfall

“Our expert-driven consulting offering leverages the world-class, industry-specific research generated by Cranfield University. This contemporary expertise enables us to support organisations in identifying and tackling the emerging complex problems they face. We are ideally positioned to build unique and sustainable solutions that address pressing organisational problems; taking a systems approach to building capability and empowering our clients.”

Mark Threlfall, Director, Cranfield Executive Development