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Elevate your learning journey beyond the ordinary

Cranfield Business Simulations are your launchpad for mastering real-world business dynamics in a risk-free environment.

Whether you're looking to sharpen strategic thinking, decision-making skills, foster leadership acumen, or enhance your team's collaborative prowess, our simulation portfolio offers a hands-on journey that delivers immediate insights and lasting growth.

We offer experiential learning as a standalone solution; one that fits with an already existing programme or in an eco-system of programmes helping you create an entirely unique learning path for your employees in sole collaboration with Cranfield or involving partners.

Our consultative approach, coupled with multiple learning journey and delivery options ensures you can create the right learning experience for you and your business to achieve your goals.


Examples of how a simulation can be integrated in your programme

1 – 10 weeks online delivery
with business mentoring support

Our blended online learning style, combined with synchronous facilitated teaching and simulation participation, creates a real-time and engaging environment.

1 – 2 day online or face-to-face delivery
with full facilitation

This programme will equip you to address challenges and dilemmas that you are facing, providing you with the tools to be a confident leader for the future.

You’ll explore:

  • Holistic view of the business
  • A VUCA environment
  • Cross-functional dependences
  • Strategy development and execution
  • Financial implications of decision-making
  • Four perspectives of Leadership
  • Strategies to manage communication with stakeholders
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Other subject areas themes available on request

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Strategic Thinking

Investigating what strategy is and is not; the importance of strategic alignment and how to gain and sustain competitive advantage through driving value.

Business Financials

Understanding the 3 financial statements, working capital, and simple forms of finance and investment.


Exploring how business can benefit from systemic change and contribute to greater environmental sustainability.

Breaking down Silos

Understanding operational priorities to drive competitive advantage; the importance of sales, marketing and operations working hand in hand to achieve the organisation's goals.

Enterprise Thinking

Developing three fundamental elements of business: Strategy, Market Orientation, Financial Literacy to better inform a decision-making approach. Strategy and what it means to create and capture value; Market Orientation to widen an internal and external market perspective; Financial Literacy to deepen understanding that makes financial sense to your organisation.

Team Development

Focusing on team dynamics to develop the individual and team synergy, and where required linking to psychometrics.

Unique and practical programme features

Applying academic frameworks into practice with faculty’s input, practitioner’s industry experience and excellent facilitation

Our unique hands-on consultative approach to the discovery and delivery process ensures high program engagement and lasting impact on the individuals and organisation

Business Simulations brochure

A sandpit for developing enterprise thinking, team dynamics and collaboration in a realistic risk-free environment. Download the brochure to discover more about Cranfield’s Business Simulations.

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Learning Impact
Developing knowledge, skills and behaviours

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Who is this for?

Cranfield Business Simulations aid the development of a wider organisational perspective, beyond one’s own context, which applies equally to those who have been in their professional roles a long time and those who are new to their roles or are in training.

  • Individuals who want to upskill and are interested in developing their business acumen
  • High potentials and Talent groups
  • Senior Managers and Executive Board
  • Business Generalists and Specialists
  • Marketing, Talent and Development, Human Resources professionals, Operational Directors, or Heads of a Function who want to increase their knowledge of different business functions

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