Welcome to the new 'Strategic Marketing Forum'

Previously known as the 'Customer Management Forum', the Strategic Marketing Forum is being launched in September as a broader and free to join collaboration between members and faculty.

The Importance of Strategic Marketing

Marketing is enjoying a renaissance, through a combination of need and opportunity. AI boosted marketing technology has generated vastly improved prospects for companies of any size to make their marketing more effective.  Correspondingly, political and economic situations have increased the priority business attaches to its marketing.

Post Covid, post Brexit, post rising nationalism, it is increasingly important and difficult to create new markets that generate the growth we needed to sustain our prosperity.  Fortunately, we have the tools and technology to engage with individual customers globally and spot emerging trends more effectively.

About the Strategic Marketing Forum

The Forum encourages sharing between leading academics and marketers across industry sectors.  Our faculty and associates will host a series of 45 minute webinars quarterly (approximately), upload white papers to a members' portal and seek industry partners to further develop knowledge into action.

Members will be able to engage with Cranfield faculty, exchange ideas with peers, deploy the latest research-based tools and frameworks within their organisations and learn from the success of others.