While much of retail has moved online, the high street is still gaining footfall, but a new challenge has emerged – deshopping, a form of fraudulent returns behaviour.

This webinar explains what deshopping is and provides an overview into this important retail phenomenon.

Discover the latest research from the perspectives of the consumer as well as large and independent retailers, from fashion to electronics. In this online webinar we will look at the attitudes and behaviours which impact returns behaviour. We will also explore how different retailers from different sectors, and how this challenge is being managed.

Attending this webinar will give you:

  • An understanding of retail returns behaviour and the unethical consumer returns behaviour, deshopping.
  • An insight into the management of deshopping and the challenges it presents, across different retail sectors.
  • Recommendations in how to manage deshopping.



Dr Tamira King is a specialist in retail and unethical practices, such as deshopping. She has been at Cranfield seven years and is a Keynote Speaker at several industry conferences in London. The interest and developments in consumer behaviour has enabled Tamira to work with large and small retailers and retail. She has trained retailers, such as Harrods and her research has attracted the attention of the media, from documentaries to news programmes.

Who is it for?

This free webinar is open to marketing and commercial directors, senior and aspiring marketing professionals and those in management roles who are curious about marketing and keen to enhance or share their own practice.


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