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Attending these events will provide you with a great chance to network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for entrepreneurship.

The events are entirely free of charge and refreshments are supplied (face-to-face events only).

John Milad – Thursday 10 November 2022 

'An unexpected journey’

John E MiladJohn has 25 years’ experience as a start-up executive, board member, venture capital investor and investment banker specialising in the life sciences sector across the UK, Europe and the USA.

John helped create Quanta Dialysis Technologies as an industrial spin-out from IMI plc in 2009 as an investor and founding board member. From 2014, he served as Quanta’s CEO for 8 years, where he transformed the company from an early-stage UK R&D team to an emerging global leader with transatlantic operations, a world-class team and an award-winning, disruptive portable hemodialsyis system designed to make dialysis more accessible to patients in every setting. During his tenure, Quanta commercially launched its offering in the UK and US markets, while raising nearly $400 million in funding and securing the prestigious MacRobert Award for engineering innovation.

Prior to joining Quanta, John was an Investment Director at NBGI Ventures, where both as a board member and an investor he was closely involved with a range of innovative medical technology companies in Europe and the US. Before that, John was an executive at the venture-backed start-up Nitec Pharma. He also previously worked as an investment professional at Atlas Venture and was an investment banker at Nomura and Lehman Brothers. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and previously served on the i4i selection panel for the NHS National Institute for Health Research.


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