This community of practice tackles the ever-growing challenges of environmental stewardship and sustainability in the context of the water-soil-waste nexus.

Global trends of rapid urbanisation and climate change pose serious threats to sustainable development and sustainable resource management. The nexus approach recognises that water, soil and waste are inextricably intertwined and therefore integrated management of these environmental resources is necessary in order to achieve sustainable development in the face of these global trends. 

It is this need for an integrated approach that has propelled us to establish this community of practice for transdisciplinary research, within which knowledge is shared between researchers whose focus is on different nodes. This will facilitate and support a full nexus approach to our work in order to advance integrated and sustainable resource management. 

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Our focus areas

  • Aeromicrobiology;
  • Environmental biotechnology;
  • Environmental monitoring for sustainable energy systems (including bioenergy, shale gas and CCS);
  • Industrial ecology;
  • Environmental pollution and remediation risk management;
  • Water-soil-waste systemengineering and modelling;
  • Resource recovery and circular economy.
  • Advanced Sensors: Our research programme focuses on the development, design and fabrication of novel sensors for the Water-Environment-Health nexus that enable rapid and on-site testing.
    • Environmental sensing and microfluidics
    • Water quality and source tracking
    • Wastewater-based Epidemiology
    • Point-of-care diagnosis

Analytical expertise

Analytical expertise Examples of techniques
Volatile organic compounds
(microbial VOCs and VOCs)
Detection and quantification
Teenax, Tedlar bags, wind tunnel, thermal desorption-gas
chromatography mass spectrometry
(TD-GC-MS), selected-ion flow-tube
mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS)
Gas sensors Optical and quartz crystal microbalance / node wireless sensor network
Extractions Ultrasonic, Soxhlet, solid phase extraction, accelerated solvent extraction,
microwave-assisted solvent extraction (MSE)
Inorganic analytical techniques Atomic absorbtion spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy, ion chromatography
Organic analytical techniques Gas/liquid chromatography coupled to mass
spectrometry (GCMS and LCMS), gas
chromatography with flame-ionization 
detection (GC-FID), HPLC (high performance
liquid chromatography), gas chromatography
with electron capture detection (GC-ECD)
Microbial ecology and toxicology PLFA/PLEL profiling, Q-PCR, next-gen
sequencing (NGS), flow cytometry, biosensors,
seed germination, earthworm survival, 
catabolic profiling, respiration
Modelling Fugacity, GoldSim Monte Carlo Simulation
, COMSOL Multiphysics® Modeling
Pilot hall/wasterwater treatment plant
and 8m3 anaerobic digester plant
Gas testing, media beds, MBRs, ponds, upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB),
feedstock biodegradation, biomethane potential,
fate and transport of chemicals in genuine effluents, gas cleanup
Remediation pilot trial Biopiles, turn windrows, mesocosms, bioreactors

Recent publications

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