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Areas of expertise



  • PhD 2002. University of East London. Soil Ecology
  • MSc  1995. University of East London. Environmental Sciences
  • BSc (Hons) 1992. Nottingham Trent University. Applied Biology

Previous Employment:

ANALYTICAL CHEMIST: Technichem Laboratories Ltd: 1997 to 1999 UKAS accredited. Analytical duties: Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (AES), Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) with graphite furnace, hydride generation and cold vapor systems, Florescence Spectroscopy.

ANALYTICAL CHEMIST: London Analytical Ltd: 1995 to 1997: Analysis of environmental samples for: metals, phenol, cyanide, sulphate, sulphide, bomb calorimetry, nutrients as well as sample preparation, training and supervision of junior staff.

CONSERVATION MANAGEMENT: Nottingham Wildlife Trust: 1993 Habitat management

RESEARCH SCIENTIST: University of East London: 1991. Industrial placement research project for BSC (Hons) Applied Biology. A study of peat alternatives using soil microbial techniques.

Current activities

During eleven years at Cranfield University he has been involved in soil research from the nano (zero-valent iron: Pawlett et al 2012) to landscape (Corstanje et al 2008) scale. His research interests include: sustainable management of soil biological systems (farms, horticultural, grass-turfs), environmental impact of nanoparticles, and effects of using organic fertilisers (such as biosolids, organo-mineral fertilisers, and anaerobic digestates) on soil functioning in terms of nutrient cycling, soil health, crop production and turf-grass health. He has gained experimental research in the laboratory, greenhouse and field-scales and is currently supervising two full-time PhD students and one part-time MSc by research.

Current research projects:

  • Anaerobic Digestate Application onto Sport Turfs (WRAP)-Co-investigator with a focus on delivering the field-trial component
  • Wastes and Organic Matter improve Soil Structure (HGCA)-Co-investigator
  • Noordenveld Heathland Restoration, University of Groningen, Netherlands. Co-investigator
  • Soil Resilience (BBSRC)-Co-investigator
  • Marketable Sludge Derivatives from Sustainable Processing of Wastewater in a Highly Integrated Treatment Plant (EU) Project Management and Research of nutrient cycling which includes Project Management activities
  • Biodiversity & Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS, NERC)
  • Transatlantic Initiative for Nanotechnology and the Environment (NERC)-PLFA analysis and data interpretation

Current student research projects:

  • Drain flow on golf-courses-Primary supervisor -part-time MSc by research
  • The Influence of Urea on Phosphorus Dynamics in Soils Amended with Organomineral fertilizer. PhD
  • An instrumental system for measuring multiple gas emissions from soils and their isotope signatures. PhD


  • EA
  • NERC
  • WRAP


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

  • Chamberlain PC, Black HIJ, Cameron CM, Campbell CD, Creamer RE, Harris JA, Pawlett M, Poskitt J, Singh B, Ritz K & Wood C (2007) Can consistent temporal changes be detected in the diversity of soil invertebrates under different environmental pressures. In: Soils - fit for purpose ? : BSSS Annual Meeting 2007, 1 September 2007.
  • Black HIJ, Cameron CM, Campbell CD, Chamberlain PM, Creamer RE, Harris JA, Pawlett M, Poskitt J, Singh B, Ritz K & Wood C (2007) An ecosystem services approach to the selection of biological indicators of soil quality for national-scale soil monitoring. In: Soil Ecology - British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2007, Glasgow, UK, 1 September 2007.
  • Creamer RE, Chamberlain PM, Black HIJ, Cameron CM, Campbell CD, Harris JA, Pawlett M, Poskitt J, Singh B, Ritz K & Wood C (2007) How does temporal variability influence the reliability of multiple substrate induced respiration as an indicator of soil quality?. In: Soils - fit for purpose ? - BSSS Annual Meeting 2007, 1 September 2007.
  • Sakrabani R, Pawlett M, Read R & Deeks LK Optimising phosphorus supply from nutrient enriched sludge granules using diffusive gradient in thin films (DGT). In: 16th European Biosolids and Organic Resources Conference, Leeds, 14 November 2011.