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Professor Joe Nellis featured on and Metro

Professor Joe Nellis, Professor of Global Economy and Deputy Dean of Cranfield School of Management, has recently had media coverage on the topic of interest rates.


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Update on the Economy webinar series

Professor Joe Nellis, leading economist and Deputy Dean of Cranfield School of Management, recently shared his insights about current global economy topics, discussing key influential factors and identifying the emerging trends. You can watch Joe speak at the next webinar on 7 September 2023 – register here.

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Sustainability Network Speaker Series: Do shareholders hold the key to sustainable companies?

Shareholder activism is increasingly used by shareholders to exert change and shape corporate strategies towards environmental, social and governance issues. But does the reality of shareholder activism live up to the hype? In this Sustainability Network Speaker Series session, we are bringing together expertise from two Cranfield School of Management thought leadership groups, for this exciting collaboration between Economics and Banking and Sustainable Business.

Professor Joe Nellis delivers webinar on: The future of the global economy

In the wake of the pandemic and the ongoing Ukraine crisis, many regions of the global economy are expected to face tough times over the coming years. For some countries, a ‘growth recession’ in 2023 is inevitable, lasting well into 2024. Consumer and business confidence is fragile, with implications for future spending and the pace of recovery. Watch Professor Joe Nellis, Professor of Global Economy and Deputy Dean of Cranfield School of Management deliver a timely update on the future of the global economy within the context of a rapidly changing environment.

Professor Joe Nellis and Professor Constantinos Alexiou's paper published in Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking, Vol. 26 No. 1, 2023,

Risk Appetite and Foreign Exchange Intervention in an Inflation-targeting Framework: The Case of Indonesia

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Professor Joe Nellis in the news

Professor Joe Nellis was recently quoted ahead of the Bank of England's interest rate decision on Thursday, 23 March:

"The Bank of England's decision to increase interest rates to 4.25% could push the economy into a full blown recession. A growth recession was inevitable prior to the rise but the vote by the MPC will only delay any prospects for an economic recovery.

Why has the Monetary Policy Committee voted to make matters worse? Households are already facing the biggest fall in their living standards for many decades, and the banking sector is under strain. Further interest rate rises will do more harm than good at this stage.

The Bank of England must pause and wait to see if inflation plummets in the months ahead. A sharp fall is expected now that supply chain bottlenecks are easing, and the inflationary impact of Russia's invasion of Ukraine a year ago will fall away in the coming months."

The Guardian, Daily Express, The Independent and Evening Standard.

Service Trends in the Banking Industry

Professor Catarina Figueira welcomed James Hewitson, Head of Wealth Management & Insurance at HSBC and other business specialists from HSBC who shared their industry knowledge and experience discussing specific products and services offered in retail banking. This included secured and unsecured lending, retail wealth and retirement as well as private banking. The session also provided an introduction to commercial banking and detailed some of its similarities and differences relative to retail banking, as part of the Retail and Digital Banking MSc.

  • James Hewitson, Head of Wealth Management & Insurance, HSBC
  • Mark Ayres, Customer Journey Owner, Wealth Management & Insurance, HSBC
  • Steven Russell, Wealth Propositions Manager - Wealth Management & Insurance, HSBC
  • Nigel Emery, Senior Retirement Product and Platforms Management. Retirement Customer Journey Product Lead, HSBC
  • Peter Barriscale, Business Head UK HNW, HSBC Private Bank
  • Christian Brennand, Head of Products and Trade Specialist, HSBC Private Bank
  • Craig Pattinson, Head of Risk & Operations, Small Business Banking, HSBC
  • Richard Beardshaw, Head of Sales, Intermediary Mortgages HSBC
  • Andrew Rankin, Head of Unsecured Lending Products, HSBC


James Hewitson
Head of Wealth Management & Insurance at HSBC

Payments, card payment ecosystems and the importance of payments regulations

Professor Catarina Figueira welcomed Andy McLaughlin, Director of Banking Operations at Metro Bank and Mark O’Keefe, founding director of Optima Consultancy to discuss intricacies relating to payments, card payment ecosystems and the importance of payments regulations and innovation with our Executive Students, as part of the Retail and Digital Banking MSc.

Andy McLaughlin     Mark O'Keefe

On the Back of the Gray Rhino: Financial Market Vulnerabilities & Innovation-driven Entrepreneurship

Working Paper
December 2021
Authors: Nashwa Saleh, Regie Mauricio, and Dina H. Sherif

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Retail and Digital Banking MSc 2021-23

Dr Nashwa Saleh welcomed distinguished speakers in academia, the financial services and business founders in fintech and digitisation in banking in our latest Digital Banking module.

Professor Mohamed Zahran
New York University (NYU)

Oli Bogaerts
Technical Specialist
Financial Conduct Authority

Jonathan Williams
Technical Payments Specialist
Payment Systems Regulator

Christine Leong
Global Lead, Blockchain Identity & Biometrics
Managing Director
Accenture LLP

Syed Musheer Ahmed
Founder & Managing Director
FinStep Asia

Mirham Mandour
Managing Director
Digiteam (SalesARM)

Brad van Leeuwen
Co-founder and COO

Book Chapter:  "Global Financial Architecture: Emerging Issues and Agenda for Reforms”. (2021), Chapter 7 in Contemporary Issues in Development Finance

Joshua Yindenaba Abor, Angela Azumah Alu, David Mathuva, Joe Nellis

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A very big welcome to the Economics & Banking Group our two new academics who are part of our growing and dynamic team

Dr Nashwa Saleh, Director of the Full-time MBA Programme and Senior Lecturer who joined in August 2021.
Dr Lakshmy Subramanian, Lecturer in Financial Economics who joined in May 2021.

Retail and Digital Banking MSc 2021-23 Orientation Day – 22 March 2021

Professor Catarina Figueira, Programme Director and Professor David Oglethorpe, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School of Management welcomed new students from HSBC, First Direct, Metro Bank, M&S Bank, Nationwide and the Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

Guest speakers:
Jennifer Prew, Head of Professional Development, Chartered Banker Institute
Jake Tween, Head of Apprenticeships, DSW
David Thomasson, Chief Commercial Officer, Metro Bank
James Hewitson, Head of Wealth Management & Insurance, HSBC


Retail and Digital Banking MSc

Senior banking practitioners from Metro Bank; David Thomasson, Chief Commercial Officer, Kat Robinson, Customer Experience Director and Andy Piggott, Director of Lending Products, brought the latest thinking and best practice into the virtual classroom in the latest module ‘Retail Banking and Product Management’.

Guest presenters Jessica Myers from Metro Bank and Nick Emmel from Mr. President delivered about Creative Product Growth Strategies and Brand Management.

Paper: Barriers and drivers of the global imbalance of wind energy diffusion: A meta-analysis from a wind power Original Equipment Manufacturer perspective

Jan Willem Zwarteveen, Catarina Figueira, Imran Zawwar, Andrew Angus

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