The Economics and Banking Group aims to create a forum for teaching and learning of Economics and dissemination of research in the area of Economics and Banking, carried out by Cranfield faculty, doctoral researchers and visiting professors and fellows, as well as guest speakers.

Both the Full-time MBA and the Sustainable and Digital Banking (Retail) MSc programmes are led by the group; however the Economics and Banking faculty contributes to all the Graduate Programmes delivered across Cranfield School of Management.

The group is also active in the delivery of Executive Education and consulting assignments to various organisations and we regularly work with the public and private sectors, as well as with the third sector.

The following are some of our key research themes:

  • Banking: digital and sustainable new business models, financial inclusion, financial performance, financial crises, ownership structure, regulation and regulatory reforms and risk.
  • Economics: global trends, FDI, government expenditure, income inequality, appraisal of renewable energy initiatives, economically-viable sustainable projects, economic growth, development and policy.
  • Economic-focused aspects of firm, sector and/or country performance, economic impact and implications relating to financial markets, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and entrepreneurial ventures.

Some of the clients we are working or have worked with include large organisations such as HSBC, Metro Bank, First Direct, Marks & Spencer Bank, Nationwide, Santander, Barclays Bank, ASDA, Aon, government departments. We also regularly work with smaller and fast-growing organisations, start-ups and charities and some of the current initiatives include work with Silly Goose, Colab-8, Social Value UK, Aquagrain and NOAH Enterprise.

Our group also offers consulting as part of our activities, which include projects with various organisations and often with our MBA students and MSc students, in which case such projects are also supported by an academic supervisor.

If you are an individual or an organisation which would like to engage with us regarding any of the above activities, do get in touch