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Lakshmy has a background in economics and management. She holds a Ph.D. in Development Economics and her research interests include growth and development, financial inclusion, household decision making, the impact of banking on the economy, trends in consumption, poverty, and inequality, public health, public policy, health supply chains, sustainability, and well-being, etc.

She has over 10 years of experience working in academia and industry in India and the UK. Lakshmy started as an officer in a private sector bank in India which proved to be a springboard for her future career in research and policy. This motivated her to pursue her doctoral degree while simultaneously teaching and engaging with various stakeholders.

Lakshmy held the role of an Applied Economic Researcher (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) for Cranfield University and Pamela Steele Associates Ltd. Before joining Cranfield University, she was leading the research team at Pamela Steele Associates focussing on deepening stakeholder knowledge by combining economic modeling and country-specific knowledge to support countries in the sustainable transformation of health supply chains. Lakshmy has closely worked with Government agencies in India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Kenya. Her work has focussed on defining enabling factors and directing the design of interventions that improve outcomes.

Research opportunities

Lakshmy has been engaged in a myriad of projects as a Research Scholar understanding the trajectories of growth and development, especially in a resource-constrained setup. This has included working with women in an urban slum to empower them through self-help groups and enhance financial inclusion, designing an inter-class consumption index to understand the degree of consumption inequality at the rural and urban level, and understanding the trend and shift of consumption pattern at the household level. Through the various teaching and research projects, Lakshmy has been involved in numerous presentations, paper publications, training modules, and conference participation.

Lakshmy was part of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (2018-2020) which has been nominated for the KTP Impact Awards 2021. The KTP partnership aimed to develop a novel, evidence-based decision support framework to enable clients involved with/in developing countries to optimize spend/investment decisions to improve public health supply chains To be considered for the award, partners must be able to demonstrate substantial impact from the KTP beyond the expectations as set out in their original KTP proposal.


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