Debra Charles

After a challenging time at school and the eventual recognition of dyslexia, Debra has been determined to prove that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Having worked for a number of high profile companies including Apple and Westinghouse, when she lost her parents in 1997 Debra decided it was time to turn her own business vision into reality.

Novacroft was founded the following year, based on a belief that the only barriers in life are those we erect ourselves and a passion for harnessing technology to help clients get more for less and make life easier for all.

Through Debra's energy, business acumen and vision Novacroft has grown into a multi-million pound company with a team of 250 and a client list that includes Transport for London, the Royal British Legion and passenger transport executives across the country.

Debra's commitment to investment in innovation has taken Novacroft's journey in smart ticketing from managing Oyster photocards and other concessionary card schemes to creating value through developments such as self-service application portals.

Now her vision is also helping to revolutionise the way the public sector, businesses and charities engage, support and inspire the people and communities they serve through Novacroft's Ucando-it social action reward and recognition programmes.

Debra's focus on the future means that Novacroft will continue to develop game-changing innovations and play its part in bringing the internet of things to life and freeing people from activities that add no value so they can enjoy easier lives with more time for fun.

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