Start-up mentoring

Supporting you anywhere from “just thinking about an idea” to “preparing for funding”!

Start-up mentoring is free of charge for all students, alumni, and staff of Cranfield University to guide and support them in their entrepreneurial journey.

What can I expect in these sessions?

During a session, the mentor will set targeted outcomes and discuss topics, such as an outline of your business idea and refining of your business idea/plan and pitch presentation. The discussion topics may vary depending on the idea, guiding you to get closer to investment readiness.

What will be the duration of the session?

These sessions are usually around 30 to 60 mins.

What is the frequency of these sessions?

Some may need only one session, and some may need more. If you feel that you need another session, then please do book a follow up session. You may only book one session at a time.

Who will I be meeting?

You will meet Manish Singh, our internal mentor in the initial session/s. In subsequent sessions, you may meet industry experts depending on idea-specific requirements. Please note, sessions with our external mentors will be offered to you by the internal mentor depending on the requirements of the business idea (External mentorship sessions may not be required nor suitable for all).

What do I need before I book a start-up mentoring session?

There are no specific requirements. Though, it will help if you have the details of the business idea on PowerPoint slides.

Do I need to do anything after the meeting?

You will need to submit a quick form capturing the key discussion points. And if you require another meeting then book a future session using the same link.

For any queries, please email

We look forward to exploring and developing your business ideas.

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