Radu received his PhD in 2010 from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo.  His doctoral work focused on understanding consumers' psychology of brand extension evaluation, and specifically how consumers evaluate brand extensions depending on their perception of the market where the brand is extending.

Prior to joining Cranfield, he held a senior position in a marketing consultancy dealing with customer database analysis and strategy.

Current activities

Radu is Lecturer in Strategic Marketing and Director of the school's highly successful MSc in Strategic Marketing.  He does research in the areas of branding and brand extensions, strategic marketing, consumer behaviour and psychology, and consumer pro-social behaviour.  Radu's work has been accepted for publication in journals including European Journal of Marketing, Psychology and Marketing and Technological Forecasting and Social Change, and he regularly presents his research at reputable international conferences.

His MSc, executive and doctoral teaching are focused on the areas of brand management, consumer behaviour, marketing strategy and planning, and methods of research.  He is also deeply involved in the school's PhD and DBA programmes, as both doctoral supervisor and as member of several doctoral review panels.  Besides his school responsibiities, Radu is running consulting projects on brand strategy, market research and consumer research.  He has a strong background in statistical and quantitative methods, and speaks several languages including English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Portuguese and his mother tongue, Romanian.


Articles In Journals

Conference Papers

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