International community

As one of our students at Cranfield University, you will benefit from our stimulating and professional learning environment giving you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills to achieve a global career, as well as the chance to make worldwide friendships along the way.

  • We have a vibrant and culturally diverse student body with over 4,100 students representing more than 110 countries, with 74% from within the EU and the remaining 26% from the rest of the world, this variety of cultures, when combined with our mix of full-time and part-time students ensures your experience mirrors the global workplace
  • Over 40% of the teaching staff come from outside the UK, bringing expert knowledge to their research and teaching
  • We work with over 1,500 businesses in 40 counties across six continents giving you the opportunity to network with world-wide businesses.

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Prepare for life in the UK

Preparing your budget for life in the UK? We have guidance on living expenses for students. 

You may also find the following websites helpful:

  • British Council is a great source where you can find out more about the benefits of studying in the UK
  • Student Calculator offers advice on managing your finances during your studies.