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Areas of expertise

  • Aerospace Manufacturing
  • Precision Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Space Systems
  • Structures and Materials
  • Ultraprecision & Nano-engineering


Dr Xavier Tonnellier joined the Precision Engineering Centre at Cranfield University in 2004. Whilst working as a Research Assistant, he wrote a PhD thesis entitled "Precision Grinding for Rapid Manufacturing of Large Optics". In 2008, he was appointed Research Fellow in the UK's Integrated Knowledge Centre for Ultra Precision and Structured Surfaces (IKC-UPS2). He obtained an MSc in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from ENIT (Grande Ecole, France) in 2004. He worked on research projects including "High Speed Green Machining of Ceramics Space Components" (Boostec, France) and "High Speed Machining of Light Alloy Aerospace Components" (LTU/SAAB Aircraft, Sweden).

Current activities

Dr Xavier Tonnellier's current research interests focus on:
  • Large scale ultra precision surfaces technologies and process development
  • Advanced optical fabrication for space and astronomy
  • High precision grinding technology
  • Robotic polishing technology
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies - Solar tubes coating technology.


  • Space lighweight ceramic optics (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, Mersen-Boostec)
  • Large glass telescope mirrors (ESO, EPSRC)
  • Laser mirrors (Gooch & Housego, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Medical suppliers
  • SOlar concentrated mirror and lenses (Larkfleet)
  • Solar desalination technologies (Waterleau, British Council)
  • Solar Wastewater treatment technologies (British Council)


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