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Areas of expertise

  • Agrifood Systems
  • Digital Agriculture
  • Food Quality


Dr Landahl is an expert in mechanical properties of fruit and vegetables with extensive experience in non-destructive measurement systems, controlled atmosphere storage and standard destructive textural, biochemical and physiological testing of fresh produce. Her research aims at maintaining quality of fresh produce during storage and developing non-destructive methods for monitoring fruit and vegetables in order to reduce food losses and waste.

She is passionate about applying physics in order to obtain objective data to interpret food quality for human consumption and / or developmental stage of the crop. She is very interested in finding state-of-the-art technology from other areas like medicine, in order to monitor and understand fundamental processes in the plant during storage. In collaboration with industry non-destructive quality testing could be implemented to make a difference to food grading and decrease food waste.

Current activities

Development of a decision support tool to reduce asparagus tip breakdown in the UK:

To reduce food waste and losses, this project will seek to identify factors responsible for tip breakdown in asparagus, and create a decision tool to predict spears predisposed to the disorder before symptoms develop.


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