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Areas of expertise

  • Water Science and Engineering


Dr. Navya Thomas earned her first degree in Biotechnology Engineering from University of Calicut, India and her MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Cranfield University. Following her MSc, she worked as a research associate at SevernTrent Water (UK), evaluating different anaerobic digestion sites to identify the best practices for secondary sludge treatment. She then worked as a process engineer at AECOM (UAE) tasked with designing water and wastewater treatment plants. Navya obtained a PhD in Interdisciplinary Engineering from Khalifa University (UAE) in 2018. Navya’s doctoral thesis focused on process enhancement and fouling mitigation via 3D-printed spacer designs for third-generation desalination processes such as membrane distillation. During her PhD, Navya spend six months at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) investigating the impact of 3D-printed spacer designs on the performance of air gap membrane distillation. She furthered her research on 3D printed spacer designs for membrane processes as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Khalifa University. In January 2021, Navya joined Cranfield University as a Research Fellow in Membrane Crystallisation.  

Current activities

Navya’s research interests are in process design enhancements of membrane based technologies for applications such as water treatment, desalination and brine management. Her current research focuses on membrane assisted crystallisation and resource recovery. 


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