The UK is facing an energy ‘trilemma’ of affordability, decarbonisation, and security of supply. Traditional energy systems cause damage to the climate and environment but for practical reasons they are likely to remain in use for at least the next 50+ years.

Climate changing emissions take many forms and occur at multiple stages through the production and utilisation chain, and capturing or mitigating their impacts is a key requirement for the energy industry and society in general. 

Building the low carbon economy we all need means reducing greenhouse gas emissions across every aspect of our society. Improving the security of energy supplies demands the better utilisation of indigenous resources, the efficient use of all resources and increasing the capacity of low carbon and renewable resources. 

Our internationally-leading research focuses on the pre (fuel treatment for optimum conversion), during (cleaner processes development) and post (clean-up and capture - emissions control) of energy production.

Current research and development projects, in partnership with industry and government bodies, cover the following topics:

  • Carbon capture, usage and storage;
  • Power from waste;
  • Pollution from power production;
  • Industrial systems carbon reduction.