Led by Dr. Suresh Sampath, the Turbo-Electric Systems and Engineering Group is involved in research in multidisciplinary propulsion engineering systems which include gas turbine, electric propulsion and power systems.

The focus areas of this group are Turbo Electric Distributed Propulsion (TeDP) and associated technologies, engine/system level diagnostics using Gas Path Analysis (GPA) and experimental work at the dedicated Gas Turbine Laboratories. Current topics of research are:

  • Experimental investigation of Turbo Electric Distributed Propulsion concepts and subcomponent level testing at the Propulsion Centre test area;
  • Engaging in specialist gas turbine electrical engineering for air, sea and land applications;
  • Engine/system fault diagnostics based on GPA with Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Engine Health Monitoring (IEHM);
  • Life cycle management of advanced and new configuration gas turbine based systems;
  • Large scale testing of gas turbine components and associated equipment.