High value and increasingly complex assets - such as aircraft and railway networks - demand intelligent support, provided by Centre for Life-cycle Engineering and Management (CLEM). Read more Read less

CLEM brings together the Through-life Engineering Services Centre and Operations Excellence Institute.

The TES Institute is developing the next generation of systems needed to manage design, manufacture, operations, life extension and end-of-life of large-scale assets with expected lifetimes of up to 60 years. Cost, safety and environmental impact are considered throughout the life cycle. Optimised support integrates diagnostics and prognostics, self-aware/sensing systems, and planning and scheduling for maintenance decisions, support and logistics.

As part of the TES mission, we focus on finding ways to manufacture products with the highest levels of reliability and lowest levels of cost over the entire life cycle. Hosting theThrough-life Engineering Services Centre allows us to work with industry on disruptive technologies in this field. 

Our Operations Excellence Institute shares TES's activities and knowledge, working with students and clusters of small manufacturing companies in collaborative projects. A virtual reality and simulation suite provides state-of-the-art visualisation of complex engineering data, event and risk simulation.