The Centre for Life-cycle Engineering and Management works with businesses in long-term partnerships and shorter-term projects.

Our centres offer membership at a range of tiers including major sponsorship with influence over the programme direction; mid-level sponsorship and involvement; low cost sponsorship, for example membership of our Through-Life Engineering Service (TES) Club and TES Knowledge Hub.

We work on projects fully or partly funded by industry from three months up to five years. Where appropriate we work together with industry partners to raise public funding in the UK, Europe and worldwide. All our projects are led by experienced managers, engineers and scientists, supported by a professional administration and contracts team. We resource projects with existing experts, newly-recruited expertise, doctoral students and technical staff as appropriate. For example, we can dedicate a PhD student for three years, or allocate an experienced post-doctoral researcher to a programme for a period of months or years.

Our master's students work on industrial projects full-time for three to four months, individually and as teams.

We run events including seminars, conferences and facilitated road-mapping for clients.

Our experts are available for consultancy either as individuals or as experienced project leaders, for short-term, long-term, or ongoing advice and expertise.

We routinely deal with commercially confidential projects, pre-competitive research, non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property management, and exploitation routes, as well as special arrangements for defence and security including the import and export of sensitive articles and services.