Cranfield University is supporting Ripples make Waves, a UN World Water Day outreach event that will allow school children around the world to share water stories, discuss change and advocate the need and the right for every child to have safe water.

Developed by the US-based charity Adventure Kids Learning, this live, 24-hour, interactive video event is being co-organised by Sara Sánchez López, a Cranfield researcher. The event (starting today, 2pm GMT) will feature talks from 15 countries, including Cranfield experts Dr Dani Barrington, Edwina Mercer and Berta Moya.

López, who is Project Coordinator of Adventure Kids Learning, said; “We believe that future generations have the power to change things, that people can change behaviour if they find good reasons to do so. We are convinced that every action, every step, and every drop counts. And that´s why Ripples Make Waves was created, it’s our way to start a wave.”

The live streaming event will feature more than 25 talks from water experts around the world, covering topics such as water quality at the Great Barrier Reef, to Water and Feminine Hygiene. The Nano Membrane Toilet is the focus of another of the presentations. Each talk will last 20-30 minutes, allowing time for discussion between the global participants.

For World Water Day, Cranfield has released some blogs, covering Cranfield’s expertise in the area of wastewater and water management, as well as details on scholarship opportunities.

World Water Day, this year focusing on wastewater, is a global event that aims to take action to tackle the water crisis. Today, more than 663 million people live without a safe water supply close to home.

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