Our experienced team works with senior leaders in many of the world’s best-known companies and government organizations to co-create innovative interventions to resolve their most complex issues.

Interventions that establish strategic direction and deliver sustained performance improvement with a range of organizations across all sectors. Our six principles:

Trusted advisor

We will establish a trust-based relationship with your team.  We are always honest about what we can and cannot do.  Your team will view us as a source of valuable, independent, and objective advice.


We take the time to understand your objectives and priorities. We will expose your team to the latest thinking, ideas, and concepts as well as tools and techniques that they can apply almost immediately in their workplace to help them to overcome their challenges.


Our academic roots and rigorous methods will help to establish strong credibility. We will harness the best available research evidence and promising industry practice to co-create innovative solutions to benefit you and your stakeholders.


We challenge conventional thinking and surface critical issues, however uncomfortable.  We drive debate and conversations and question assumptions. Your team will be stimulated to move safely beyond their comfort zones. In so doing, we change people’s mindsets and behaviour for the longer term.


We will work closely with your team to build a deep understanding of the situation. We will draw on our extensive network of academics and industry experts to put precisely the right people around the table to address your specific needs.  

Build independence

We will take a long-term perspective rather than seeing assignments as a short-term sales prospect. The best change agents are from within your organization, and we work to provide them with the tools and skills required to function successfully and address your future challenges with confidence.

Our expertise

We work in three areas of expertise: organizational resilience, leadership, and change. We help individuals and organizations address a wide variety of different challenges, so there is no such thing as a typical project.