The Organizational Resilience and Change Leadership Group works in three areas of expertise: organizational resilience, change, and leadership. We are world-renowned researchers, impactful educators, engaging speakers, and trusted advisors to organizations across all sectors.

Who we are

We are an experienced group of academics and practitioners from different disciplines and backgrounds who share a passion for ideas, problem-solving, and translating knowledge into action.

We act as an information hub and community builder, connecting an extensive network of external experts, industry leaders, public officials, and researchers with interest in organizational resilience, change, and leadership who want to share experiences, exchange ideas and collaborate to work through complex challenges.

Articles relating to COVID-19

Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis: A Strategic Approach to Building and Strengthening Organizational ResilienceLeadership in unprecedented timesOrganizational Resilience

Our mission

We have a bold mission to:

  • Produce transformative, world-class research that generates discoveries that have a real impact on organizations across all sectors.
  • Design and deliver engaging and impactful, evidence-informed executive development programmes that help individuals and organizations reach their fullest potential.
  • Work in partnership with companies and government organizations to co-create innovative and multidisciplinary interventions to resolve their most complex challenges.
  • Promote the very latest ideas from research, theory, and industry best practice through conferences, workshops, task forces, publications, and social media influencing.

Our expertise

We work in three areas of expertise:

Our services

We help individuals and organizations address a wide variety of different challenges, so there is no such thing as a typical project.  Our core services are: