Who we can help

Right now, the task of delivering value while coping with a volatile and ambiguous environment confronts every executive. Organizations are recovering from a series of political, economic, social shocks, and technological innovation is disrupting many long-established business models. We help organizations to meet these challenges and thrive in complex and uncertain times.

Businesses and government departments around the world spend millions of pounds each year in trying to bring about change in their organizations. However, research consistently shows that two-thirds of change initiatives fail. Not only does this affect the performance and sustainability of the organization, it also harms morale and motivation, and leads to change fatigue.

How we can help

Many change initiatives focus on the formal elements of change – structures, systems, and processes.  Consequently, change methodologies are often analytical, planned, and follow a prescribed process. Our approach can supplement, rather than substitute, this conventional approach by addressing three often-neglected aspects of change initiatives:  

(1) We help you to understand the complexity of the change issue. While traditional methods focus primarily on technical challenges and risks, what we term ‘structural’ complexities, we help you to understand the ‘socio-political’ (people, power, politics) and ‘emergent’ (the unknown or unexpected) complexities which many times are more troublesome. By using the frameworks we have developed through our research, we help you to identify and implement appropriate responses with your teams.

(2) We help you to visualise and manage informal networks. Organizations are made up of people interacting with each other, and social relationships are central to enabling effective change. However, these informal networks are invisible and abstract making them hard visualise and manage. We use Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to analyse mathematically and visually depict the patterns of relationships that arise among interacting individuals or groups within and across your organization.  We then help you to make the changes that will bring the most impact. 

(3) We help you to lead the change.  Organizational change requires direction, alignment, and commitment. We help you to set direction by developing a deep understanding of present challenges and transition paths toward potential future states. We help you to create alignment by establishing collective action sensitive to divergent cultures, interests, and values.  We help you to build commitment by achieving engagement and co-operation while managing the emotional and highly political dynamics of change.

Our services

Our approach to organizational change is embedded in our executive development programmes and consultancy and advisory assignments. Our research has identified key elements that make organizational change successful. We regularly speak about organizational change at international conferences and deliver keynotes at high-profile events. You can learn more about our projects using the links below.