Change, transformation and leadership occur in many ways. At Cranfield, our approach to help clients resolve their most complex issues is distinct.

Our expertise

Right now many organisations are faced with the task of growing their businesses while meeting the challenges of geo-political, social and macro-economic change. Technological innovation is also disrupting many long-established business models and in every sector there are increasing demands for tighter regulation. New thinking on leadership and change is critical if organisations are to meet these challenges and thrive in complex and uncertain times.

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Leading complex change requires foresight and experience to make the big decisions and design innovative interventions that will transform your business. Our inter-disciplinary team leverages research, analytics and industry insights to help design and deliver leadership development and change interventions that focus on the toughest issues affecting businesses today.

We partner with our clients to adopt a ‘one team’ approach in which we harness the best available research evidence and promising industry practice to co-create innovative solutions to benefit you and your stakeholders. 

Leading complex change requires direction, alignment and commitment. We help you to set direction by developing a deep understanding of present challenges and transition paths toward potential future states. We help you to create alignment by establishing collective action sensitive to divergent cultures, interests and values.  We help you to build commitment by achieving engagement and co-operation whilst managing the emotional and highly political dynamics of change. 

We work with a range of organisations, across all sectors, helping individuals, teams and organisations reach their fullest potential.  We can help you to anticipate change, be more resilient, and more adept at tackling complex issues.

Our Research

Our Group brings together many disciplines to study Leading Complex `Change, such as psychology, sociology and organisation studies. The interests of the group include:

  • Resilience, Risk and Paradox: how organisations can anticipate, prepare for and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper
  • Leadership: how to equip people to deal with the complex, collaborative, cross-boundary, adaptive work they are increasingly engaged in and how to help senior managers step up to leadership roles
  • Complexity, Systems and Messes: how significant judgement can be applied to problems that are characterised by the absence of a correct solution
  • Relationships and networks: how relationships, interactions, networks, associations and relational strategies or dynamics influence people in a social system

We examine these topics using qualitative and quantitative methods, such as social network analysis, qualitative comparative analysis, experiments, modelling, and simulations. 

We welcome outstanding potential PhD and DBA students and eminent visiting fellows from a wide range of disciplines.

Our Community

Complex change issues rarely sit within the responsibility of any one organisation creating the need for sharing, exchange and collaborating on the toughest problems. We provide a global hub where academics, policymakers and practitioners interact via conferences, projects, workshops, briefings and social media. We facilitate information exchange and collaboration to promote thoughtful application of research in ways that help organisations and government address complex change issues. We welcome collaboration with academic institutions, organizations and government departments.