Areas of expertise

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  • Nanomaterials


    The development, characterisation and toxicological evaluation of nanomaterials for the improvement of quality of life

  • Molecules


    The manipulation of materials at the atomic scale where properties can be significantly altered by the inclusion or omission of just a few atoms

  • Intersection aerial shot

    Natural capital

    Our research offers new insights into the functioning, and responses, of the natural environment to stresses and pressures.

  • Offroad Vehicle Engineering

    Off-Road Vehicle Engineering

    Testing, training and research in off-road vehicle engineering and dynamics

  • Oil rig sunset

    Oil and Gas

    Exploiting current and new sources of oil and gas through the development of novel solutions for exploration and transport

  • Car diagram mechatronics

    On-Road Vehicle Dynamics

    The optimisation of vehicle ride and handling performance for driver safety and comfort

  • Defence simulation

    Operational Analysis and Simulation

    The use of programming, modelling, simulation, computer graphics, wargaming and other synthetic environments for the defence sector

  • 2016 05 iStock seedling green Agrifood Teaser 01


    We address areas of plant and crop science and plant-microbe associations that are critical to crop production and quality.

  • Turbine close up

    Power Systems & Turbines

    Enhancing our understanding of gas turbines for power generation and potential new opportunities for future use

  • Precision engineering Boltzmann

    Precision Engineering

    An internationally recognised centre of excellence in ultra precision machines and processes

  • Power plant at night

    Process Systems Engineering

    Optimising processes and equipment for efficient individual performance, and overall system performance

  • Centre for Design building

    Product and Service Design

    Combining expertise in manufacturing, innovation, and cost and through-life engineering for lean and creative product and service design

  • Wind turbines tornado

    Renewable Energy

    Minimising cost and increasing scale and efficiency in renewable energies such as wind, wave, tidal, solar, biofuels and biomass

  • Accident investigation on airfield

    Safety, Resilience, Risk & Reliability

    Over 60 years of research and expertise in safety, resilience, risk and reliability

  • Prototyping lab

    Sensor Technologies

    Developing sensor technologies, from inception through to prototype manufacturing and evaluation