Areas of expertise

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  • Molecules

    Smart Materials

    The computer-aided design of Molecular Imprinted Polymers; their synthesis, testing and use within pharmaceuticals, food and environmental toxins

  • Soil, Cranfield University


    Our research covers soil physics, chemistry and biology, soil resource evaluation, sustainable soil management, soil conservation and land restoration.

  • Soil analysis

    Soil Analysis

    State-of-the-art analytical equipment and technical staff with expertise in all widely-recognised techniques to characterise soil physical, chemical and biological properties

  • Plant roots in soil

    Soil Resources

    The conservation, wise management and restoration of soil resources, biodiversity and ecosystems

  • 2016 03 Pixabay HalfDirtHalfGrass Green Teaser 01

    Soil Systems & Land Management

    Theoretical and applied research in soil physics, soil erosion and conservation, soil chemistry and biology, soil spatial informatics and more

  • Space craft launching

    Space Systems

    Our work on sensor technologies, precision engineering, earth observation, and spacecraft, satellite and missile design

  • Lab testing structures

    Structures and Materials

    Improving aerospace structures to make them lighter, more durable and more efficient

  • High temp facilities

    Surface Engineering

    Designing and manufacturing protective coatings to allow engineering systems to operate in harsher and more demanding environments

  • Circular crop fields

    Sustainable Land Systems

    The scientific understanding and practical management of land resources

  • Manufacture

    Sustainable Manufacturing

    Developing sustainable solutions to real-world industry manufacturing problems

  • Process flow chart

    Systems Engineering

    Developing flexible, practical approaches to achieve successful systems capabilities

  • Military parachute jump

    Test and Evaluation

    Our expertise, courses and research in weapons and ammunition systems, pyrotechnics, explosives and human factors

  • machinery

    Throughlife Engineering Services

    Addressing the needs of high-value products and systems from conceptual design all the way to end of life

  • Chemist in a lab

    Toxicology & Epidemiology

    Understanding the impact of hazardous substances on human health

  • Precision engineering Boltzmann

    Ultraprecision & Nano-engineering

    Machining processes capable of creating engineered structures with up to sub-nanometre precision and accuracy