Areas of expertise

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  • Car engine

    Engines, Powertrains & Alternative Fuels

    Working at the forefront of powertrain technology to provide solutions to real-world automotive problems

  • Lab samples close up

    Environment and Health

    Understanding of the behaviour of contaminants in the environment and the importance of pathways of human exposure

  • Parachute jump military

    Environmental Defence

    The application of Environmental Management Systems to Defence Acquisition programmes

  • Power plant exhaust

    Environmental Impacts

    Controlling emissions to atmosphere, cleaner fuels and renewable energy sources to lessen the impacts of long term environmental degradation

  • Government building

    Environmental Policy

    Influencing policy and regulation for the benefit of the environment, the economy and society

  • Intersection aerial shot

    Ergonomics, Human Factors, Driver Safety

    Examining human factors in response to road environments, traffic and the vehicle

  • Explosion

    Explosives and Munitions

    Our expertise spans the synthesis, characterisation and qualification of explosive materials to the safety and legislation of explosives and munitions

  • Airplane in sky

    Flight Physics

    Understanding how new and traditional aircraft designs might perform and the impact of novel technologies

  • Crop field

    Food Quality

    Addressing the challenge of providing the world’s growing population with sustainable, safe and nutritious food

  • Corn mould petri dish

    Food Safety

    Achieving safety in fresh and processed foods with longer shelf-life and fewer additives, while retaining taste and nutritional value

  • Food Waste, Cranfield University

    Food waste

    Minimising food loss and waste in both perishables and durables, and improving quality and value within supply chains.

  • Fuel up close


    Fuels, fuel additives and lubricants for the defence, petroleum and associated industries

  • Engine rotating machine

    Gas Turbines & Propulsion

    Advancements in the performance, design optimisation and risk analysis of future aero-engine systems

  • Machine gun firing

    Gun Technologies

    Teaching and research in gun technologies from small arms through to large calibre artillery systems

  • Voliates samples

    Hazardous Substances

    Assessing the sources and levels of human exposure to contaminants