Areas of expertise

Explore our specialist capabilities and areas of expertise


  • Bioinformatics model


    Helping to solve biological challenges using bioinformatics, in partnership with our clients

  • Biomass

    Biomass and Waste

    The recovery of energy from waste and biomass using thermal and bio-chemical processes

  • Medical lab

    Biomedical Engineering

    Providing the techniques and technology for future health solutions

  • Medical lab

    Biosensors & Diagnostics

    Developing sensors for healthcare, food safety and environmental monitoring and detection

  • Pressure gauge

    Carbon Capture & Storage

    New technologies and methodologies to help reduce the environmental impact of energy consumption

  • Flooded city

    Carbon, Climate and Risk

    Environmental risk and adaptation in the face of global climate change

  • Military gas mask

    CBRN Focus Areas

    Our expertise, research and courses in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence (CBRN).

  • Network cables

    Communications Systems

    Development and training in military and civilian communications and wireless systems

  • Enhanced composite structures


    Reducing total life cost and environmental impact of products used in aerospace, automotive and energy plant manufacturing

  • Computer diagram of airplane

    Computational Fluid Dynamics

    The development and varied applications of computational modelling of fluid flows

  • Inside a pc

    Computing, Simulation & Modelling

    Our expertise, courses and research in computing, simulation and modelling.

  • Solar power plant

    Concentrating Solar Power

    Exclusive research in concentrating solar power, solar thermal materials & applications, and thermal energy harvesting & storage

  • Fuel close up

    Conventional & Advanced Fuels

    New technologies for the efficient and clean conversion of fuels into heat and power energies

  • Explosion in field


    Counter-IED for Defence at Cranfield provides comprehensive capability, research and and knowledge to our students, partners and clients

  • Cyber Security

    Defence Info Systems

    Our expertise, courses and research in systems engineering for the defence community.