We have expertise in the application of Environmental Management Systems to Defence Acquisition programmes, providing this capability to the Ministry of Defence and the defence industry.

We deliver this capability through teaching and consultancy services, which are underpinned by an active research programme, and through support to international collaborative activities under NATO auspices.

We have a wide range of laboratory and field facilities both at Shrivenham and the Cranfield Ordnance Test and Evaluation Centre at West Lavington on Salisbury Plain. These, along with the associated staff expertise, are available to businesses on a consultancy basis or partnership arrangements.

We work with MOD Defence Equipment and Support, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and various defence contractors and environmental consultancy firms in the provision of both teaching and consultancy services.

About our research

Our research programmes bring together our capability in explosives research, test and evaluation that has been developed over many years with our specialist environmental expertise. The principal thrust of our research programme is to understand the environmental consequences of the use of munitions and explosives on land ranges in terms of the fate and transport of contaminants.

Our main themes are:

• Bioremediation technologies
• Evaluating the products arising from the functioning of munitions
• Fate and transport of explosives through soil
• Understanding the degradation of explosives in the environment.