With an unrivalled reputation for defence education, research and consultancy, our expertise is trusted by governments, armed forces, industry and security services around the world.

Cranfield Defence and Security’s staff and secure facilities are at the forefront of their fields, offering diverse capabilities across defence and security science, engineering and technology. These range from cyber security and digital warfare to robotics, forensic sciences and simulation and analytics.

We also offer social science knowhow in specialisms from defence management, leadership, procurement and business skills to international security, counter terrorism and organised crime.

Whether you are a student interested in our wide portfolio of defence university courses, or you would like to exploit our excellent research and test and evaluation capabilities, we offer a unique gateway to delivering defence education and solutions that make a real difference to the lives of our military, security and civilian personnel.

We are a postgraduate academic provider to the UK’s Ministry of Defence while we also provide specialist knowledge to global industry, security and emergency services, military, governments and NGOs. It means Cranfield Defence and Security is underpinning defence and security sector development and reform around the world.

Our portfolio includes: defence and security engineering (design, manufacture, mobility, impact, armour, propulsion, aerodynamics, robotics, autonomy), defence chemistry, forensic sciences, weapons systems, digital warfare and cybersecurity, resilience, counter terrorism and organised crime, defence engagement, complex acquisition, defence commercial, simulation, experimentation and analysis, management, leadership and business skills and test and evaluation.