We have an established expertise in how information systems affect organisations and how they make the business more efficient and effective.

Information Systems are informed by business objectives and are central to the management and operation of organisations. They are important in supporting business process and operations, decision-making for employees and managers and setting strategy to ensure the health and survival of organisations.

In attempting to understand how the needs of the organisation determine the requirements of information systems, it is important to take a socio-technical perspective of the issues. The University’s approach recognises the role of human attributes and performance in the system as well as business process and information technology. 

This includes the consideration of organisational, social and cultural issues as well as cognitive capabilities, skills, competencies, education and training and influencing human behaviour.

The University capability encompasses:

  • Information assurance;
  • Information assurance and cultural change;
  • Information and knowledge management;
  • Cultural change to exploit information and knowledge;
  • Management of information in support of organisational objectives;
  • Sharing of knowledge within organisations;
  • Information operations;
  • Media operations;
  • Socio-cultural analysis;
  • Information systems engineering;
  • Systems architecture;
  • Systems design;
  • Systems modelling;
  • Information systems management;
  • Strategic application of information systems;
  • Organisational behaviour.

About our research

The University capability encompasses:

• Information Assurance
• Information Assurance and cultural change
• Information and Knowledge Management
• Cultural change to exploit information and knowledge
• Management of information in support of organisational objectives
• Sharing of knowledge within organisations
• Information operations
• Media operations
• Socio-cultural analysis
• Information Systems Engineering
• Systems architecture
• Systems design
• Systems modelling
• Information Systems Management
• Strategic application of information systems
• Organisational behaviour.

Our research in defence information systems provides a robust coverage of the major information systems topics. We have a track record of research that informs decision-making groups and organisations. Our understanding of the defence and security sector results in a comprehensive understanding of the specific risks and challenges within defence information systems research topics.

We conduct our research in partnership with industry, regulating agencies and policy makers, and in collaboration with other academic institutions and research consultancies.

Work with us

There are a variety of ways in which your organisation can engage and work with us. Cranfield can provide real-world solutions that support and inform your operations, products and services. To highlight a few of the ways that you can work with us:

• Provision of expert advice
• Sponsor a PhD student research project
• Commission a research project
• Collaborate on an research activity or project
• Provision of support to a Masters project
• Commission a customised development programme, tailored to the requirements of your organisation
• Commission a consultancy project.

Clients and partners

We work closely with the military, industry and government departments to influence and provide leading solutions to major global defence and security challenges.

Examples of key business clients and partners include:

• RAF,
• Research Councils,
• BAE Systems,
• FCO,
• MOD,
• Chemring,
• AEL Mining,
• Honda.