Our webinars are led by Cranfield Faculty, Fellows of the School, Leaders in Industry and Experts from Professional Services firms.

Below we've listed just a few of the most recent speakers:

Leaders in Industry/Experts from Professional Services Firms

  • Jack Green, Olywell (ex Olympian) - High Performance and Wellbeing
  • Phil Squire, Consalia - Interview on his new book 'Selling Transformed'
  • Todd Snelgrove, Experts in Value - How do you Engage the Economic Buyer?
  • Des & Dennis Evans, Authors of 'The Road to Zero Emissions' - The Future of Road Transport & Reflections on Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Peter Colman, Simon-Kucher & Partners - How do you get the Best Price for your KAM Offer?
  • Jeremy Brim, The Bid Toolkit - Strategic Bids and Key Account Management
  • Prof Moira Clark, Henley Business School - Best Practice in Managing Customer Experience
  • Jack Green, Olywell (ex Olympian) - High Performance and Wellbeing  
  • Carl Lyons, Mindfulness - How can you Remain Focused & Energised During Difficult Times?
  • Candida Snow, Hofstede Insights - Successful Collaboration Across Cultures

Cranfield Faculty/Fellows of the School

  • Dr John Glen - The New Economic Normals
  • Prof Keith Goffin - Techniques to Find & Use Customer Hidden Needs to Develop Innovative Value Propositions
  • Prof Mike Bernon - Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Tom Pisello, Mediafly - Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics
  • Dr Monica Franco - Managing Performance in Sales Teams Under Covid-19
  • Dr Simon Templar - Finance Essentials for Key Account Managers (Masterclasses Series)