25th Anniversary Conference Video - The Past & Future of KAM

27th & 28th October 2022

In October 2022 we celebrated 25 Years of the KAM Forum with a 2-day Conference. 

The conference was joined by key account managers and senior business development executives looking at The Past and Future of KAM: Addressing Strategic and Operational Challenges.  

View here a video collage of the 2 days with guest speaker interviews.

Guest Speaker Interview with Roger Jones, Storyteller

Storytelling in Strategic Sales

Roger E Jones of Inspiring Commitment explains how salespeople can improve their effectiveness through storytelling.

Guest Speaker Interview with Chris Leach of Collaboration Growth

Winning with Large UK Retailers: 4 Strategic Questions to Address

Dr Chris Leach explains how suppliers can create and capture value through collaboration with retailers in the FMCG Market.

Guest Speaker Interview with David Recaldin of Kantar Retail

Lessons & Insights to Delivering Customer Experience

Guest Speaker Interview with Phil Squire of Consalia & Ryan O'Sullivan of Intrahive

KAM & Relationship Capitalisation

Guest Speaker Interview with Ian Jones

The Supplier Opportunity & Strategy

Guest Speaker Interview with Tom Pisello

Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics