Forthcoming Events


19th January 2023

Speaker:  Gabi Steimer - Jacobs (KAM Forum member)
Theme:  Procurement Decision Making in the Public Sector

16th February 2023

Speaker:  Mark Davies - Cranfield
Theme:  KAM Masterclass No1. - Practical Techniques to gain a Deeper Understanding of the things your Customer Needs and Values

16th March 2023

Speaker:  Andrea Clatworthy - Fujitsu
Theme:  How is Account Based Marketing (ABM) being Adopted to Understand Customers and Drive Commercial Success?

13th April 2023

Speaker:  Dr Sue Holt - Cranfield
Theme:  KAM Masterclass No.2 - How can you Capture a Compelling Complex Customer Strategy on a Single Diagram?

18th May 2023

Speaker:  John MacDonald-Gaunt - IBM
Theme:  What Techniques can you Adopt to: 1. Engage Customers  2. Build Stronger Relationships  3. Align your own Organisations Teams

15th June 2023

Speaker:  Professor Kevin  Morrell - Cranfield
Theme: Is Strategy a Fairy Story?

29th June 2023

Speaker: Professor Javier Marcos - Cranfield
Theme:  KAM Masterclass No3. - What Practical Techniques can you Adopt to Create High Impact Customer Value Propositions?

13th July 2023

Speaker: TBA - Brand Finance
Theme:  How do Value Propositions Power the World's Strongest Brands?

14th September 2023

Speaker:  Todd Snelgrove - SAP
Theme:  How do the Worlds most Successful Organisations Compete on Value not Price?

19th October 2023

Speaker:  Dr Simon Templar - Cranfield
Theme:  KAM Masterclass No.4 - How to Capture and Financially Quantify the Value that you Deliver?

16th November 2023

Speaker:  TBA - Salesforce
Theme:  How do Value Capture Specialists Capture Value for the Customer and Strategic Supplier?

7th December 2023

Speaker: Professor Hervé Legenvre - EIPM
Theme:   What does Procurement Look for from Suppliers in 2023?  How Should you Ensure you Deliver these Things?

Forthcoming Quarterly Events (onsite)

1st June 2023 - Annual KAM Forum Conference
9th November 2023 - Event Day

Previous Themes

'Selling and Managing Customers in the in the Predictive Analysis Renewable Energy Assets Market' with Bruce Hall of Onyx Insight

'What is the Purpose of KAM' with Kami Lamakan of The Loop

'Account-Based Growth' (overview of new published book) with Tim Shercliff of Inflexion

'Trends in Blockchain and Implications for B2B Business' with Koen Vingerhoets of Fujitsu

'How Customer-Centric is your Organisation?' with Professor Stefan Wengler

'How Covid has Advanced the use of Virtual Meetings & Conference' with Luke Brown & Patrick Furse of Bray Leino Events

'Lessons in Selling & Demonstrating Value Add Solutions in the Building Energy Management Systems Market' with Kate Rotheram of Honeywell/Trend

'How can you Improve Profit Margins & Transform your Business to a Leading-Edge Pricing Function by Embracing AI Techniques?' with Prof Alan Timothy of

'The Selling Masterclass' with Drayton Bird

'Public Sector Procurement' with Mike Coveney of Augmentas Group

'Customer Service Transformation/Servitization at Rolls-Royce' with Mark Bailey

'Value Propositions' with Mark Davies

'Connective Engagement' with Betty Monroe of Mediafly

'Create & Value Through Collaboration' with Chris Leach of Collaboration Growth

'Storytelling' with Roger Jones Storyteller

'Communication of Brand Messages' with Stephen Mangham of Masters of Scale International

'The Rise of Intelligent Organisations' with Sean Culey, Business Transformation Expert

'6 Actionable Steps to Preparing Financially Quantifiable Value Propositions' with Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald

'Digital Strategy/Social Media' with Annmarie Hanlon, Senior Lecturer, Cranfield School of Management

'Entrepreneurship in Corporate Life' with Gordon McAlpine, The Secret Millionaire

'The SAP KAM Journey' with Alf Janssen, SAP

'The Future of Work' with Professor Emma Parry, Cranfield School of Management

'How to Communicate Complex Messages in Simple Phrases' - with Steven Foster of One Golden Nugget  

'The Power of Influence...' with Gordon Glenister, Author of Influencer Marketing Strategy

'Communication of Brand Messages' with Stephen Mangham of Masters of Scale International  

'Insights from Strategic Procurement' with Dr Jurgen Scherer, Consultant & Coach

'Digital Channels' with Nicolaas Smit of Cranfield School of Management

'Sustainable Supply Chains' with Associate Professor Mike Bernon of Cranfield School of Management

'Mental Health for Performance' with ex Olympian Jack Green of Olywell

'Communicating in a Covid Environment' with Dan Marsh of Radley Yeldar

'Effective Key Account Management Programmes' with John Downer of Jacobs  

'Selling Transformed' - Interview with author Dr Phil Squire of Consalia

'Techniques to find and use Customer Hidden needs to Develop Innovative Value Propositions' with Emeritus Professor Keith Goffin of Cranfield School of Management  

'The Future of Road Transport and Reflections on Sustainable Supply Chains' with Des Evans, author of 'The Road to Zero Emissions'

'Techniques and Tips to Improve your Commercial Strategic Negotiations' with John Viner-Smith of Amplius Partners and Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management  

'KAM Strategy Masterclass' with Mark Davies


Speaker: Lloyd Johnson - Tussell
Theme: Public Sector Trends & Opportunities

9th June

Speaker: Block Chain Experts
ThemeBlock Chain & Supply Chains

23rd June

Speaker: Professor Alan Timothy - Bubo
ThemeArtificial Intelligence for Pricing Optimisation

7th July

Speaker: Kate Rotheram - Honeywell Trend
ThemeEnergy Management Buildings