PhD/DBA opportunities at the Centre for Business Performance

The faculty at the Centre for Business Performance are interested in supervising PhD and DBA candidates who wish to focus their energy, time and attention on research related to:

Management Control and Governance

- The consequences of using internal governance mechanisms (e.g., performance measures, targets, appraisals, incentives) in mission-oriented organisations such as public universities and hospitals. (Dr Monica Franco-Santos)

- The dynamics between organisational controls and learning. (Dr Monica Franco-Santos, Prof Mike Bourne) 

- The nature of organizational control; alternatives to hierarchical control systems. (Dr Andrey Pavlov, Dr Monica Franco-Santos)

 The Design and Use of Performance Measurement and Performance Management Systems in Organizations

- The application and interaction of performance measures at different levels in the organisational hierarchy and the implication for implementation of strategy. (Prof Mike Bourne)

- People rewards (extrinsic/intrinsic) and their experiences of work, emotions, behaviour and performance. (Dr Monica Franco-Santos) 

- The application of systems theory and systems thinking to performance measurement and management. (Prof Mike Bourne, Dr Andrey Pavlov)

- The application of Complex Adaptive Systems approach and complexity thinking to performance measurement, performance management, and strategy execution. (Dr Andrey Pavlov, Prof Mike Bourne)

- The design and effectiveness of Performance Management Reviews (at the organisational, not individual level) (Prof Mike Bourne)

Performance Measurement and Management in the Digital World

- The design, implementation, and use of performance measurement and management systems in a digitized organization. (Dr Monica Franco-Santos)

- Management control and performance management for blockchain-based operations. (Dr Andrey Pavlov)

If you are interested in any of the opportunities above, please contact the relevant faculty members.