Maximising the benefits of performance measurement can be a daunting task, so CBP have created a series of workshops and programmes to help directors and managers design, implement and manage performance measurement systems. Using tools and techniques crafted over the past fifteen years and honed in practice, the programmes cover high level overviews through to a three to five day design and implementation programme and specific individual workshops.

Customised Programmes

Many companies embarking on the redevelopment of performance measurement and management systems find it useful to have programmes specifically tailored for their organisation's needs.  CBP offers a customised training and facilitation service allowing companies to effectively create their own programme and engage the hearts and minds of their directors and managers.

Detailed below is a sample of some of the programmes we have provided in the past, to give you an idea of breadth of subject areas we are able to offer, but please do not be restricted by these. For more information and to discuss your programme requirements, please contact Professor Mike Bourne

Pay for Performance

Designing and Implementing a Scorecard-Based Reward System for Top Executives and Senior Managers. Exploring the link between performance measurement and compensation systems for executives, using a mixture of research and practical examples combined with consultancy experience to focus on the key issues relating to performance management and reward at the top.

Maximising the Value of Balanced Scorecards

If you are planning to redesign or upgrade your performance measurement system, this is relevant for you. From design of scorecards to implementation and use of the measures, we can design a programme using practical tools and techniques which participants can take away and use to manage in your own business. A key theme to underpin the programme, is that the power of measurement lies in the fact that it allows managers to do much more than simply track progress. By the end of the programme delegates will have developed and reviewed personal action plans to improve the measurement systems used in their own organisations.

Key Skills of Organisational Performance Management

This is a suite of programmes that takes participants through the key skills needed to create, manage and maximise a performance measurement system: Design, Implement, Use and Improve. The core units are:

  • Strategy and success mapping

  • Designing appropriate performance measures

  • Designing target setting processes

  • Implementing performance measurement systems

  • Designing and managing the performance review process

  • Performance improvement tools

  • Performance measurement audit and review